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AQM 1 Streaming of data

CONDA AQM 1 is basically a gas detector with advanced software. In most installations the instrument will serve its purpose, to monitor the level of vapor in the laboratory, and activate alarm when a critical alarm level is registered.

In the development of the instrument, we have designed the software to stream data continuously, if connected to a PC. The instrument streams data with the option to be stored in Excel etc. for dataloging and data storage. In some installations it serves a purpose to register if the level of ISOFLURANE increases over time, during longer periods of laboratory work. It may also serve a purpose to monitor where in the laboratory gas vapor rise, to determine the need to increase ventilation and air flow in the laboratory. Eventually it will be learned how laboratory workers administrate the anesthetic system, and avoid escape of ISOFLURANE.

AQM 1 reacts very fast - usually within 30 sec. when exposed to ISOFLURANE vapor. The advantage is, that the operator gains immediate knowledge, why and from where ISOFLURANE escaped the system. He will learn the system, and he will learn handling the system to avoid escape of ISOFLURANE. Constant monitoring is not only a precaution for safety and protection to keep a safety level of ISOFLURANE in the laboratory, it is also a proactive educational tool - to teach and educate operators to handle anesthetic systems correctly and avoid leakage.​

Networking AQM 1 monitors.

In larger premises with several laboratories or points of operations, AQM 1 can be connected in network to one PC, logging data with individual nodes. Each instrument can have an individual set-up, to match the position of the instrument in the laboratory. The software has built-in protection with password for laboratory manager, to log-in on any individual instrument in the network and change certain factory setting.​

AQM 1 is a reasonable priced instrument compared to other instrumentation on the market - suitable for ISOFLURANE detection. In the design of AQM 1, it had high priority to utilize cost optimized solutions to keep the instrument within the financial limits of laboratories. We hope that we have succeeded to match the financial expectations of end users, though cost of instrument should not be a deciding factor. Laboratories exposed to ISOFLURANE, working with anesthesia will find that a relatively small investment in protection, adds quality in daily handling to laboratory workers and the medical staff.​

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