AQM  -Air Quality monitor

CONDA - AQM - Air Quality Monitor for industrial gas / vapour and anesthetic gas / ISOFLURANE / Sevoflurane and Desflurane

AQM 1 is Danish design - for installation in industrial environment and hospitals etc. where anesthetic gas is in daily use. Anesthetic gas - Isoflurane, Sevoflurane and Desflurane is difficult to detect at low volume, nevertheless it will cause drowsiness - and make people feel uneasy and tired, if doctors are exposed for longer periods to indoor climate  contaminated with anestetic gas.

In Denmark and Scandinavian countries, authoritie’s advice very low levels for anesthetic gas or industrial vapour,  < 10 PPM. At this human can not detect the gas, and therefore it can only be measured for ga s monitor.

AQM is microprocessor controlled, and reacts instantly when exposed to gas vapour or anesthetic gas  - usually within 20 - 25 seconds. Standard factory calibration is: linier reading from 0 PPM - 100 PPM full scale - however individual customer designed calibration set up is possible.

Besides detection of industrial gas , vapour sor anesthetic gas, AQM 1 is well suited for detection of smoke other types of gas. Change of PCB / electronics and calibration, will give high quality monitoring for; Methane, Bhutane, Propane and similar domestic gas. Factory should be consulted for verification and calibration.​

​Characteristics of AQM 1

  • ​analog monitor - data logging
  • ​Individual alarm at target level.
  • ​very fast reaction, usually 25 - 30 seconds
  • ​can be remote controlled / set up / supervised
  • ​very low level, liniar reading from 10 PPM - 100 PPM.
  • ​can be adapter to many different types of gas / gas levels
  • ​small foot-print; 14 x 22 cm..
  • ​large analog display. Very easy to follow from distance.
  • ​RS 422 communication
  • ​ very affordable prixe.

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