​AQM 1 - Characteristic

AQM 1 / ISOFLURANE vapor detector, detect ISOFLURANE in a linear analog reading from 0 ppm - 100ppm. Highly efficient, compared to other similar gas detectors. The instrument combines efficient software with creative hardware and is capable to register very early evaporation of ISOFLURANE. Integrated in the instrument is a large analog meter, giving the laboratory workers clear visual indication, if ISOFLURANE vapor increases in the laboratory. The instrument has an integrated alarm, and will activate an audible signal if a preset alarm level is surpassed. The alarm level can be set individually and match the air-condition and airflow in the laboratory.


Analog meter

​Most instruments today are designed with digital displays, and much information can be gained designing instruments with digital display. With AQM 1 we integrated a very large analog meter in the instrument, similar to a speedometer in the car. It is indeed possible to design the car panel with digital display, nevertheless most cars come with analog meter. The main information for laboratory is to observe the trend - if volume of ISOFLURANE is increasing in laboratory. For continuous monitoring, the analog meter gives a very clear visual indication, even young and not so trained laboratory workers will find it easy to learn and understand.​

Vapor detection

AQM 1 is developed for low detection of ISOFLURANE >10PPM

Besides ISOFLURANE, this instrument also has capability to monitor other types of gas. At CON.DA we calibrate AQM 1 on the basis of reference gas. In situations where customers are exposed to other gas that need monitoring, the factory should be consulted to verify and test what gasses AQM 1 can be calibrated to monitor, within the required range.

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